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Bedienungsanleitungen Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Instruction Sheet USB Installation and Operation (HQ Series Portable Meters)
  English UK 71 KB 2006-05
Bedienungsanleitung: Portable Messinstrumente der HQ Serie
  German 1 MB 2006-09 Auflage 5

Software/Firmware Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
HQd Series Meter Data Transfer Utility V1
Data Transfer Utility allows transferring measurement data directly from your Hach HQd Series Meter to a computer. For use with all HQD instruments (HQ11D, HQ14D, HQ30D, HQ40D, HQ440D, HQ411D) - Portable and Laboratory models.
Only for computers running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and later operating systems.
Administrative privileges are required to install this application on your computer.
1. Save zip file on computer.
2. Extract zip file.
3. Run setup.exe
For further install information see readme.txt file included in the zip package and HQD User Manual.
  English US 738 KB 2017-08 V1.0

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