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Ausschreibungsunterlagen Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Tender Text Total Free Chlorine Amperometric Sensor
DOC353.52.35131_9184 sc
  English UK 34 KB 2017-05 Apr17
Tender Text Single or multi-stream online Chlorine Analyser (free / total)
  English UK 38 KB 2019-07 Jun19

Bedienungsanleitungen Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Instruction sheet: CL17 Free and Total Chlorine Calibration/Verification
  English UK 2 MB 2003-02 Ed 2
Chlorine (Free and Total) Test Kit Manual, Model CN-80, Color Disc Kit 2129000
  English US 300 KB 2016-02 Ed 4
Chlorine and pH Test Kit CN-67 (1411100)
  English UK 201 KB 2017-01 Ed 3

Broschüren Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Complete Water Analysis Solutions for the Food Industry
  English UK 1 MB 2016-06 Mar16

Datenblätter/Broschüren Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Smart amperometric free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone sensors
  English UK 239 KB 2005-09
CLT10 sc / CLF10 sc: Total and free reagentless chlorine sensors
  English UK 346 KB 2014-08
Komplette Wasseranalytik-Lösungen für die LEBENSMITTEL INDUSTRIE
  German 1 MB 2017-12 Mar16

Guides Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
AT1000 application selection guide for Free & Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Sulfite
  English US, English UK 137 KB 2018-11 Ed2

Methoden/Arbeitsanleitungen Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Chlorine, Free-USEPA DPD Method 10245 MR, Powder Pillows
  English US 260 KB 2019-05 Ed 11
Working procedure LCK410 Chlorine free / Chlorine dioxide
  Dutch, English UK, German, French, Italian 783 KB 2013-04 Rev B
Chlorine, Free DPD Chemkey Reagents Method 10260
  English US 319 KB 2019-05 Ed 5

Software/Firmware Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
TM1000 Update Installed Version
Please NOTE: TM1000 PC software update requires an AT1000 firmware update and vice versa.
See “Readme.txt” file for install instructions

New features - version 1.15
Generic equation block has been added in the result section for the following applications:
- Chlorides in water
- pH acidity in milk
- pH acidity in tomato sauce
- pH acidity in wine / juice with changer
- pH acidity in wine / juice
- Salt in liquid food
- Salt in solid food
Main Improvements - version 1.15
Electrode selection for Alkalinity and Hardness
Issues with result prints under Windows 10 fixed
Electrode check availability
  Spanish, Italian, German, French, English US, English UK 136 MB 2019-01 V1.15

Sonstiges Typ Sprache Größe Datum Ausgabe
Quality Certificate: Technical Data for Validation of Free Chlorine Chemkey® Reagents
  English US 131 KB 2019-04 Rev 3
Certificate of Analysis Technical Data for Validation Free Chlorine Powder Pillows (0.02 – 2.00 mg/L)
2105569 Quality Certificate
  English US 348 KB 2015-09

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